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Hudson Yards: “New York’s Last Frontier”

March 19th, 2019 | Posted in Real Estate News

There’s no place like Hudson Yards, and people won’t be clicking the heels of their ruby slippers to be sent home, they’ll want to stay. For those of you who don’t know, you can now follow the yellow brick road down to the 28-acre new development that is changing the definition of mixed-use development in New York City.

Hudson Yards is quickly becoming the talk of the town, and we can understand why. Not only can you pick up a new handbag from Fendi, but you can finally visit an actual store-front for the brand that popped up on your Instagram feed a few months ago. Coined as New York’s ‘Last Frontier’, this development rapidly captivated the attention of not only retail staples such as Nieman Marcus to open up a new location, but presented an exciting opportunity for online-based stores that were eager to break in to the brick-and-mortar sector.

For the individuals seeking a high-end living space, look no further than the luxury residential buildings that comprise an extensive space in this location. 1-bedroom units can be rented for around $5,200, while 2-floor penthouse condos sell for around $32 million. Before we forget, Hudson Yards has successfully influenced business tycoons such as Blackrock, WarnerMedia, and L’Oreal USA to occupy office space in this incredible, expansive, and innovative city-within-a-city.
The phrase ‘Manifest Destiny’ seems fitting for an area that is rapidly becoming a go-to hub with everything you could possibly need – from going to work, picking up a bite for lunch, shopping for a trendy item you’ve had your eye on, and even dropping off your laptop at Apple for much-needed repair. Hudson Yards will be the place for it all. Although the importance of this development seems self-explanatory, we find it necessary to mention the impact that this revitalization will have on the area from 34th and 30th Street to Tenth Avenue and the Hudson River.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to attend a Broadway show un-interrupted, but why not hop over afterwards to dine at a Thomas Keller or David Chang restaurant, then venture over to the observation deck and gaze out upon the never-before-seen view from the Edge? Did we mention this viewing platform hangs 65 off the edge of a skyscraper 1,100-feet-high, and features a see-through glass floor? It may not be the Sky Walk over the Grand Canyon, but then again, there is nothing else in existence in the continental U.S. where you can view the magnitude and grandeur that is the concrete jungle. I encourage you, nay, implore you to visit and experience the Land of Oz that is Hudson Yards.

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